TLC has canceled Kate Plus 8. This is not particularly surprising since when TLC announced its fall schedule, Kate Gosselin was nowhere to be found other than in the boilerplate text. But reports the show is done, though the network says it hopes to do some specials in the future.

TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8,” a network rep told PEOPLE in a statement. “By the end of this season Kate Plus 8 will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate Plus 8); an exceptional milestone. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future.”

Nobody is sadder than I am that my good friend and TV by the Numbers partner in crime Bill Gorman isn’t here to do this post himself. For months he baited the “Kate Hate Nation”(KHN) that regardless of diminished ratings –which seemed even more anemic than they actually were compared to the huge ratings the Gosselin clan once commanded — that the show would almost certainly be renewed. But KHN wasn’t having any of it and had been sniffing blood for weeks, circling around Kate Plus 8 ratings like sharks. Today, they feast!

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