I don’t think any show, broadcast or cable, currently seems to have more of a preponderance of “anti-fans” than TLC’s Kate Plus 8. Lots of folks seem to be looking for the show’s ratings just to see if it’s done badly.

Bad news, I guess, for the anti-fans is that the show’s doing just fine for TLC and the ratings aren’t going to take Kate out of their line up anytime soon.

Ratings are way down from the heady days of the marital meltdown, and Kate’s no ratings Sarah Palin, but with a show that’s in the top 10 for TLC most every week* I’d look for her to continue.

Airdate Avg. Viewership (million) TLC weekly viewership rank
28-Nov 1.302 7
8-Nov (Mon) 0.704 47
7-Nov 1.331 2
20-Sep 1.605 3

Like most cable shows, I don’t track Kate Plus 8 airings and ratings closely, it aired only sporadically since September [Update] but alert commenter RJ notes that 11/28 was the beginning of season 2. *I’m not sure if that 11/8 Monday airing was an original episode.

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