While I don’t believe “save our show” polls are any more predictive than horoscopes, like horoscopes, I sometimes enjoy them for entertainment purposes.

Another (history-making) season of Law & Order was the favorite among the 80,000 who participated in a USA Today survey of 16 shows fans would like to see saved.   Like us, USA Today likes its chances for renewal and  gives it good odds of at least getting a partial season.

Like us, USA Today was less optimistic for Cold Case noting that it cheated death last year only because Without a Trace got whacked instead.

Chuck came in third, but USA Today thinks its renewal is likely, with an explanation that is sure to drive frequent commenter Holly and others to pull a few hairs out:  “NBC has too many open time slots.

USA Today also thinks Human Target looks good for coming back, but no reasons for that prediction were given.

At least for entertainment purposes, it’s worth clicking through the gallery of all 16 shows to see USA Today’s predictions on each show’s chances of survival.

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