Begging without begging.  In an entertaining blog post Lone Star creator Kyle Killen deals with the odds of his show’s survival head on, but hopes for a miraculous recovery anyway.

He suggests the only people who watched the first episode were paid critics and people he went to high school with making it less of a premiere and more a slide show.  To his credit he did not say a single thing that would cover a a fan excuse bingo card.

Though he refused to beg people to watch, he resorted to an amusing last ditch effort:

So here’s the plan. You go deep. All of you. You and millions of your friends. And Monday night, down by a lot with only seconds on the clock, we’ll throw the ball up, an impossibly long arcing pass into a host of defenders who are taller and flashier and stronger and probably more well endowed than all of us, and maybe, just maybe, it’s one of those moments where the thing everyone said COULD NOT HAPPEN actually just… does. And you my friend, you could say you were there, you and all your friends, just taking one big Gatorade bath with the millions of people who, like you, decided to say ‘F you’ to statistics and just settle in for a damn good hour of television

So spread the word. Repost, retweet, re…faceboook or just put on your crazy pants and head down to the freeway exit and shout at cars like I’m going to.

Monday night.


Mark it.

Read the full blog post.

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