‘Harry’s Law’ will be renewed, you’ll see just how wrong you are!  Harry’s Law is NBC’s ‘The Good Wife’ and will be renewed!

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There’s no question that if Harry’s Law is renewed that Bill and I will view it as monumentally wrong.

Though Kathy Bates has an Oscar from 22 years ago, I don’t sense the Emmy buzz and critical acclaim for Harry’s Law that exists for The Good Wife, though it’s possible I missed it.

CBS has the luxury of shows that perform very, very well.  NBC doesn’t have a The Big Bang Theory or an NCIS that effectively allows CBS to subsidize a low-rated critical darling like The Good Wife in the hopes of making it back in syndication. And whatever its syndication prospects, The Good Wife will have enough episodes for stripped syndication after next season. Moreover, where The Good Wife is produced by CBS, Harry’s Law isn’t produced by NBC — it’s produced by Warner Bros. NBC can’t benefit from the prospect of syndication other than receiving licensing discounts from Warner Bros and with Harry’s Law more than 2 seasons away from the episodes necessary for syndication it’s hard to imagine Warner Bros giving the show away and it’s reasonable to question whether NBC can afford more Harry’s Law even if it was free.

Harry’s Law is probably more closely compared to NCIS, with one notable exception. Like Harry’s Law and most CBS shows, NCIS skews old and has lots of total viewers, but despite its older skewing NCIS is the number one broadcast drama this season with adults 18-49. Harry’s Law is one of the lowest-rated dramas with adults 18-49 on all of broadcast TV and excluding other NBC shows and the CW there aren’t any favorable comparisons to make.

I don’t buy The Good Wife comparison.

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