Maureen Ryan had an interview Syfy’s VP of original programming Mark Stern about the new Battlestar pilot and Stern was spinning like a top!

“To be really categorical about it, this is not about finding something else so we can get rid of ‘Caprica,” Stern said. “I don’t know the fate of ‘Caprica’ yet, but, if anything, ‘Blood & Chrome’ going to series would only be a great opportunity to pair it with something.’

Come on, that’s a crazy thing for him to say! He absolutely, positively, without any shadow of a doubt knows the fate of Caprica and it isn’t good!  Why doesn’t he just say so?

James T. Iberius

Though perhaps not as certain as you, I’m pretty sure Mr. Stern knows the fate of Caprica. But it makes perfect sense that he wouldn’t publicly say it has no chance at renewal.  The “TV Speak” bible instructs “thou shalt try as hard as you possibly can to never say a show that is still on the air is doomed,” and TV execs seem to follow that bible, well, religiously.

I know many don’t buy the notion that the Blood & Chrome* pilot isn’t aimed at replacing Caprica.  But  I don’t have any problem buying that. I could have seen Syfy doing such a BSG spin-off even if Caprica was successful.

*A shout out to Spartacus: Blood and Sand?

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