Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva reports NBC execs are mulling over scheduling changes but would like to make as few moves as possible.  Obviously she noted that Outlaw was on shaky ground on Fridays and that NBC could simply go with a two hour dateline from 9p-11p once School Pride starts.

But Andreeva also brings up the more interesting possibility of moving LOLA to Thursdays at 10pm where The Apprentice is struggling mightly and sliding SVU back into the 10pm slot on Wednesdays.  That prompts questions about what to do with The Apprentice, but I’m not sure that matters much if SVU numbers improve at 10pm (which based on last seasons shuffling seems likely) and LOLA picks up or stays about the same at 10pm.  Its hard to imagine The Apprentice doing much worse on Wednesdays at 9pm even behind a struggling Undercovers.  It’s not hard to imagine that NBC could come out at least slightly ahead with such manuevering.

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