Another low-rated scripted show ousted for much higher-rated, lower cost unscripted.

NBC will run a mix of repeats and originals of Minute to Win It at 8pm on Wednesdays with originals at 9pm and Chase has been pulled from the schedule according to EW.

Since the ratings for the first few episodes, it was never in doubt that Chase was headed for cancellation, but this is another in a string of scripted failures for Jerry Bruckheimer Productions (‘Chase,’ ‘Miami Medical,’ ‘The Forgotten,’  and ‘The Whole Truth’).

At least the ‘The Amazing Race’ is still a star, if an unscripted one.  To me, that’s karma hitting home for members of team Bruckheimer who publicly whined  about Leno in primetime on Twitter.  But let’s face it every recent 10pm show from Jerry Bruckheimer Productions (Chase started as a 10pm show) has failed!

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