Which broadcast show will be the next to get a full season order of 22 episodes?

Fox has already given Raising Hope it’s “back 9” order to complete a 22 epsiode season, which show will be next?

Some Of The Contenders:

  • Nikita, Hellcats – With no shows at the CW cratering both freshman look likely to get back 9’s.
  • Hawaii Five-0, Mike & Molly – CBS again produced no dead shows out of the gate. Almost all of their new shows except The Defenders look likely for back 9’s, but which will be first?
  • The Event, Law & Order: LA, Chuck – NBC’s rookie ratings are simply disintegrating, but they have to keep something from their rookie line up.
  • No Ordinary Family, Better With You – ABC’s rookies’ ratings are on a slippery slope downwards, but like NBC, they have to keep something for the spring.
  • Lie To Me – I think it’s the only Fox show currently with a 13 episode order that has any chance of living until the spring, but I’m notoriously bad at remembering episode order status.
  • None of the Above – Go ahead, surprise us.

I’m guessing the CW pulls the trigger first and orders the back 9 for Nikita, but that’s almost a lottery guess.

Feel free to explain your guess in the comments. Bonus points for guessing when the announcement happens.

If you’re more of the Grim Reaper sort, and think all this discussion of show success is just silly, feel free to guess which show will be pulled out of its timeslot next instead.

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