Ok, Episodes is probably not making any of the Showtime brass smile much, it’s numbers have been  anemic. But it’s a different story for the U.S. adaptation of Shameless, which is tracking very well, in fact better early on than the debuts of other Showtime hour-long dramas after three weeks.

When it comes to questions about how Shameless is doing for Showtime  it’s hard to decide what comparisons to make. Comparing it to later seasons of Dexter, which set ratings records, doesn’t seem fair. Comparing to how other shows did in the first three episodes of their first seasons might not be fair either, but I scrounged up viewing data for the first few episodes of the first seasons of  The L Word, Dexter, and The Tudors anyway.

The table below looks at the Live+SD viewing for the premiere telecasts (not any of the encores, on demand, etc) for the first three episodes of the first season of each show.

Show Week 1 (000) Week 2 (000) Week 3 (000) 3 Wk Avg (000)
L Word 936 770 535 747
Dexter 603 413 380 465
Tudors 869 464 350 561
Shameless 982 810 903 898

Shameless is the best performing show on that basis, and it’s the only one of the four shows to have more viewers for its third episode than its second.

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