It’s not every day that you hear Bill Carter singing the same song as Bill Gorman.  Maybe it’s a Presidents Day thing.  The broadcast networks have lamented recent struggles at 10pm, sometimes blaming higher DVR playback in the hour. The New York Times’ Bill  Carter notes, as we often do, that DVR playback doesn’t seem to be hurting Pawn Stars or Jersey Shore.

Nothing new there, really, but there were also some interesting comments from CBS’s head scheduler Kelly Kahl:

He credited those [cable]networks with shrewdly identifying where the networks are most vulnerable “first during the summers and now at 10 p.m.” But, he said, “There’s kind of a new job we have at 10. We’re not in the business of us versus the other guys anymore. Now it’s about asset management.”

Simply defined, Mr. Kahl said, those assets are dramas owned by CBS, ones that tell contained stories each week, that can be nurtured and nudged through at least four seasons, and then sold in syndication and to cable outlets.

Off to look at the tea leaves and decide whether that means there will be at least four seasons of The Good Wife.

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