Someone decided to e-mail me from 10 different e-mail accounts to make a point.  That’s a worrisome brand of crazy —  motivated crazy! Minus all the expletives, the essence of the e-mails was that I’m an idiot for doing so many posts about Fringe.

We see similar commentary about Chuck and we’ll surely see a lot more of it as we get closer to May.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer a few of the questions.

1. Why Do You Post So Much About Chuck and Fringe?  Are You Just In It for the Page Views?

So far, I don’t think we’ve posted that much about Chuck this season and relative to reader interest, I don’t think we’ve posted excessively about either show.

We certainly are in it for page views, we’re web publishers. But if there wasn’t so much interest in those shows we wouldn’t write about them as much.

As ratings-related topics go, Fringe’s move to Friday was big news and heightened already strong interest. Because ratings expectations for Friday night are lower than other nights of the week there has been more focus on and more discussion about Fringe’s ratings.

2. OK, So You ARE in It for the Page Views!  But Do  CHUCK and FRINGE REALLY Move the Needle THAT Much?

Yes,  they move the needle that much. There has been two to four times as much interest in the Friday night ratings since Fringe moved to Friday, and overall I’d guess the move has boosted our Saturday traffic by about 40%. Chuck is a bigger deal in the absolute, though it’s a bit harder to figure the percentages since Chuck’s ratings are generally discussed on days when there is more traffic anyway.

3. Do You Root for CHUCK and FRINGE to Be Renewed?

As web publishers, of course we do. See the response to question number two.

4. Are You a Fan of CHUCK and FRINGE?

I am.  I’ve seen every episode of both shows. I don’t think Bill watches either but he doesn’t have as much time for watching TV as I do. Fringe is probably definitely out for Bill as he has little tolerance for any Fringe-y related subject matter.  At least if it’s set in the present day. But if the setting is far in the future or a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Bill has displayed a tendency to lap it up.

5. If You Are Such a Big Chuck & Fringe Fan, Why Such Negativity!?

Things like “Chuck hits series low” isn’t negativity, it’s just the ratings.  While I’m a fan of the shows, this isn’t a fan site. When Chuck hits a series low, our purpose isn’t to sugar coat the information so fans feel better about it.

We often offer our opinions about the ratings, but those opinions aren’t based on whether we like/watch shows, they are based on the ratings.

At this point our opinion is that neither Fringe nor Chuck are certain to be canceled, nor certain to be renewed. I felt better about the prospects for Chuck & Fringe when they were pulling 1.9 ratings with adults 18-49 than I do now. That’s not coming from a place of negativity, but the recent ratings trends.

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