It’s never too surprising to see people involved with a show thinking that the chances of renewal are better than what the ratings indicate.  EW reports that Off The Map star Jason George thinks the show is at least still 50-50 for renewal.

“When I talked to the producers of the show, they think things are in our favor and that we’ve done better in this time slot than shows have in the last three or four years or something like that.”

That’s damning with faint praise, or something like that. Both the Renew/Cancel Index and Bubble Watch say it’s more likely Off the Map will be canceled than renewed.

“I would really love to see us come back. When people hit me on Facebook or whatever and are like, ‘Hey, is it looking good?’ It’s like you’re either an out-of-the box hit the first day you arrive, like Lost, or you’re canceled on arrival. And 5 percent of the shows are out-of-the-box hits, 5 percent are canceled on arrival, and 90 percent of shows, which is where we are, ride the bubble. And it’s all on how the fans respond, you know. Like, hit!”

Oh how we wished 90% of the shows rode the bubble!  Bubble Watch currently has bubble shows at about 13% of this year’s scripted offerings and the Renew/Cancel Index is currently more like 20-25%. Either way,  that’s a lot less than 90%.


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