Prospect Park is moving ahead with its efforts to produce the now cancelled by ABC soap operas One Life To Live and All My Children, having signed four of the current cast members of OLTL onto the new production in the past week.

Prospect Park is still trying to line up a cable network for telecast of the shows, which I would guess is critical to their long term future, but intends to put both shows online sometime after One Life To Live’s January, 2012 broadcast TV finale.

That brings up an interesting question for One Life To Live and All My Children fans. How much will you be willing to pay to watch the shows online?

What, you thought they’d be free to watch online? Perhaps just supported by online advertising (ala, Hulu)?

There’s virtually no chance that producing a soap opera anything like what was on broadcast, even at reduced budget levels, can be sustained by online advertising. Anyone who imagines that should send me some of what they’re smoking. My guess is that’s a big point of discussion with any potential cable network.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if the production doesn’t move ahead until a cable network signs on, let’s assume that Prospect Park intends to put the shows online whether or not they get a cable network.

How much would you pay to watch those shows online?


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