Kudos to those who picked Outlaw in our last poll.

Which broadcast show will be the next pulled out of its current timeslot?*

*Because there was some confusion with the last poll and way too many lawyers parsing the question, let’s be clear that we’re guessing which broadcast show is going to be removed from its current timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to another timeslot.

The Contenders:

I’m torn between The Good Guys and Running Wilde, I think they both may be pulled before November sweeps, but the fact that Running Wilde is a Tuesday show means its announcement is likely to come earlier, so I’ll guess Running Wilde.

Feel free to explain your guess in the comments. Bonus points for guessing when the announcement happens.

If you’re a more positive person, and all this talk of cancellations gets you down, guess which show will get a full season order next instead.

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