Those wacky Chuck fans, tossing up an entry for the craziest “Save Our Show” effort of the year by reaching out across cyberspace to find, and presumably influence, some of the 25,000 Nielsen families whose TV viewing is measured and have them tune into the show. A hat tip to alert reader aboleyn24 for the heads up.

As Save Our Show efforts go it’s:

  1. Far from the most futile, Chuck just recently slipped below a “toss up” in the Renew / Cancel Index.
  2. Not at all money wasting crazy.
  3. Might be time wasting crazy depending on how much time folks sink into it.
  4. Not false hope fan pandering, these aren’t media figures purporting to tell fans their efforts might be successful, just fun loving fans!

Best of luck to them, because Lord knows we’d like to have Chuck (and its associated site traffic) back again next year, and, as I always say, everyone needs a hobby!

Edit: They just better hope that Mad Love fans aren’t trying the same thing!

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