Little did I know that yesterday’s What’s Currently The Most Futile “Save Our Show” Campaign? post would spark >100 comments while I was away enjoying the nice San Francisco weather and a rare 49ers overtime victory.

I wanted to follow up and address a few of the comments in a separate post (as well as do a little headline alliteration).

Are you saying that all such fan attempts are futile? Because I really feel like (and the post’s title would also suggest) in the rare event that renewal is truly a toss-up for the network, a fan campaign might tilt the scales in a show’s favor, however slightly.

I certainly don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but it does seem to me that there’s precedent for this with campaigns for shows like Roswell, Chuck, Reaper, etc.

I remember reading the comments when ‘Damages’ was saved by DirecTV, and man – some of the ‘cold, hard’ logical folks seemed shocked/annoyed – maybe even pissed off. LOL. I guess there are people on this site who hate miracles…especially when they happen to benefit so-called ‘delusional’ fans.

It’s my opinion there’s way too much unproven causality for these “SoS” efforts, particularly for true “bubble” shows. By our definition, a bubble show is one that could go either way, cancelled or renewed, and yet attributing renewal to a fan “SoS” effort is causality that’s completely unproven. Nobody knows if the whole Subway thing mattered or not to Chuck’s renewal. Fans would like to think it did, and plenty of sites would like to tell you it did, but there’s no proof. It’s well established that I’m a “if you can’t prove it, it’s not the cause” kind of guy, while Robert is more the “if you can’t prove or disprove it, it just might be” kind of guy. Vive la difference.

Very negative website.

If you are a fan of a successful show that’s OK. If you are a fan of a poorly rated show you’re an idiot and should just shut up. That’s what this website is ALL about.

I’m more about being realistic to counter the overwhelmingly rose colored glasses fan-baiting world of the vast majority of the entertainment/fan websites out there. We never comment on fans of any shows being “idiots” or wanting them to “shut up”, but this is not a site where never is heard a discouraging word. The skies are, after all, sometimes cloudy all day.

I see this as extremely hypocritical. You’re willing to accept the page views from people who want to save their show (i.e. your “for entertainment purposes” rankings), but you make fun of those same people. I don’t see why anybody wants to make fun of how people spend their time. Nothing negative comes from SOS campaigns (aside from some disappointment if it doesn’t get picked up), so why do we have to stand around and laugh at people who have obviously found something to be passionate about, y’know?

I’ve often written that everybody needs a hobby, and if SoS campaigns are your hobby, then more power to you, knock yourself out. But just like my playing golf is fun, it’s not going to make me Tiger Woods, if you view your SoS efforts as “fun” that’s great, but the idea that they’ll have an effect has similar likelihood as me joining the PGA Tour.

As to the general claim we do things for pageviews, of course we do. Once our hobby (and Robert doesn’t hesitate to remind me that I told him it was futile!) TVBTN is now a business. But make no mistake, all those rose colored glasses entertainment websites promoting the SoS efforts are doing exactly the same thing.

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