A somewhat melancholy “happy trails” to Chuck which airs its final two episodes tonight.  Chuck and this website launched around the same time back in September 2007 and was one of a few shows that made Bill realize “Oohhhhhh, these folks mostly care about ratings because they want to know whether their favorite show will be renewed or canceled.” Chuck was one of the first “Renew or Cancel” prototype posts ever done on this site.  Note Bill’s verdict!*

Anyway, Chuck went on to essentially be “on the bubble” between renewal and cancellation every season and ultimately was always renewed which was hard on the fans, but fantastic for TV by the Numbers. There’s generally a lot more interest in the ratings for shows whose fates are uncertain and Chuck’s fate was up in the air every season but this last one. Sure, announcing this as a final season in advance wasn’t great news for us, but I’m happy for the hardcore Chuck faithful who got one last batch of episodes without having to worry about the ratings for a change.

As long as there are TV shows there will be fans of TV shows who care about ratings so we will continue on fine without it, but we’re very grateful for the role Chuck played in our site’s history.

*In fairness Bill had not yet come up with the methodology that ranks a show’s adults 18-49 ratings average versus the average of the network the show airs on. Sadly, I don’t have the data handy to calculate whether that would’ve changed the verdict in this case.

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