Our traffic has picked up a lot with the new broadcast TV season and in an effort to improve site performance I’ve decided to turn Disqus off.

You may notice a couple of problems in the short term besides the comments no longer being Disqus:

1.)    There was a huge problem with syncing the Disqus comments with the WordPress database causing a ton of duplication.  There is no great way to deal with it on recent posts, but I will try to manual de-dup on the most recent posts.

2.)    Along with the sync problems there are time stamp problems and so the last comments from Disqus, from like only 5 minutes ago, appear to be from five or six hours into the future, really screwing up the sort order of comments.  I’m aware that’s going to make things realllly confusing for the rest of the day.

With any new post everything should be fine and we’ll be back on track. The overnight post tomorrow morning won’t be nearly as confusing.

I will be investigating ways to use the native WordPress comments but also add in the ability to login using Facebook, Twitter, etc. to comment.

I have them sorted from most recent to oldest but unfortunately with the time stamping issue,  the sort order might take a while to kick in on existing posts.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience.  Thanks.

Bill update:

You can see a list of the the latest comments to any posts on our site at this page. You can also use an RSS reader to follow our comments at this feed: http://tvbythenumbers.com/comments/feed

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