In response to Gateworld’s Darren Sumner’s open letter to Syfy explaining how “Wrestling is Killing Science Fiction”, (which I commented on a few days ago) Craig Engler, SVP and GM of Syfy Digital, responds with an open letter to Stargate Fans (plus charts!).

Once again click through above if you’re interested in more detail, but Engler’s slightly paraphrased bullet points are:

  • Erratic scheduling didn’t kill SGU
  • The hiatus didn’t kill SGU
  • SGU wasn’t doing well on Fridays before we moved it
  • We didn’t cancel SGU because we hate science fiction, we love science fiction
  • We did support SGU
  • We didn’t cancel SGU in order to make wrestling
  • We love Stargate

I don’t watch anything on Syfy and I haven’t followed the SGU saga very closely at all, but Engler’s detailed responses make sense to me, but my guess is that we have commenters closer to the action that may have different opinions.

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