I had a post/poll last Sunday on what shows our readers were most looking forward to.

Now I can admit to an additional ulterior motive for that post (besides, obviously, pageviews), which was to get a better idea myself of what shows might look promising for our business next Fall.

Because while the results of internet polls are entirely irrelevant to the futures of TV shows, they probably are a pretty good indicator of internet TV blog reader interest, which, combined with marginal ratings, is what drives our business.

Before the poll I’d identified both Terra Nova and Grimm as potentially interesting, now here’s my take on what looks best.

Terra Nova is looking very good for us, it was the clear poll leader, with substantially more votes than the #2 show. I’m virtually certain it will come out of the gate generating reasonably good traffic for us, and if the ratings stumble, it could be a bonanza. The big question is its ratings. If they stay good, my guess is our TN related traffic remains only in the “good” range, and the bonanza will have to come elsewhere.

Grimm still looks like a nice show for us, it was a pretty high vote getter in the poll. Friday’s at 9pm guarantee near instant “bubble” status ratings and the subject matter, as I noted earlier, has “crazy fan” written all over it.

Person of Interest polling surprised me a bit. We’re not used to CBS shows driving outsized traffic on the site in the Fall, since CBS typically cancels just one (and last year zero) rookie drama before Christmas. If it gets in trouble, maybe we’ll see a little Moonlightesqe interest (the first, and probably most notable CBS traffic driver for us). However, the fact that CBS has it at 9pm Thursday indicates they like its chances, and they’re piling their chips in the middle of the table for it. That’s not generally an early positive indicator for our traffic.

Shaky CW shows never drive a huge amount of absolute traffic for us, but they do drive reasonable traffic compared to their TV viewership, and that’s why #4 vote getter Ringer might become interesting. Also, it faces off against Fox’s New Girl Tuesday at 9pm, which received the fifth most votes, and came from completely out of mind to now on my radar screen. That 9pm fight might turn out very nicely for us.

However, as I noted last week, our guesses as to what will be good business for the site are far from perfect. Robert and I both figured No Ordinary Family would go bubble early and drive lots of crazy fan traffic. The show’s ratings cooperated, but the traffic did not materialze. On the other hand, the Fringe fan traffic last season was surprising because it wasn’t a new show, and hadn’t driven particularly large traffic in past years, but once it got into ratings hot water, our traffic went nuts.

Whether I’m right or wrong about my guesses above, one thing I’m certain of is that some of these new shows will be good for our business, that never changes. Ah, the cycle of TV show life.

What do you think, what new shows are likely to bring us the most activity next Fall?

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