Quick thoughts* on Fox’s fall scheduler.   With the X-Factor a known quantity for months and months, it looks like the most difficult decision for Fox was where to put Terra Nova.  The only practical choices were Monday and Thursday, and Fox opted for Monday pairing it with House.  But the twist is Terra Nova is kicking off the night rather than getting the House lead-in. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

Two new live action comedies New Girl and I Hate My Teenage Daughter and animated Allen Gregory premiere in the fall and other than The X Factor, that’s it for new this fall.

Fringe will stay put on Fridays at 9pm which is no surprise.  Depending on where the CW puts Supernatural, 9pm Fridays could be “genre hour” with NBC already slotting Grimm there.

The surprise to me actually came by way of the aging (ancient?) America’s Most Wanted which was cancelled by Fox, or whittled down from once a week to four times a year (once every three months) if you prefer. Fox chief Kevin Reilly said they had not made money on the show in quite a while — this apparently despite it usually winning the  night and its timeslot when its not up against sporting/special events.  But Reilly wanted to keep the franchise going with the quarterly specials (which will be two hours in duration).

Edit: As expected, Breaking In was nowhere to be found in Fox’s announcement.  In a world of rational fans, I’d expect that the ratings for tomorrow’s special Tuesday airing (moving it to air after Raising Hope) of the season finale will douse any remaining hope.

Quick thoughts do not include the mid-season premieres of shows like Alcatraz, Bones spinoff The Finder or Fox trying a two hour comedy block while Glee is on break — but there will be plenty of time to dwell on that.

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