In the wake of the Terriers‘ cancellation, FX network head John Landgraf held a very unusual conference call with the TV media yesterday to discuss the cancellation of the show.

At least one rival didn’t understand the motivation for the call.

“I’m not sure I understand this,” said one rival exec of the press call. “You can’t win against criticism for canceling a show.”

via Variety

That’s likely true for most networks, but I think that FX is among a handful of networks that needs the TV media behind it more than most (the other I’d put easily in that category is AMC, there are certainly others) because they air original shows, and rely heavily on critical acclaim to market those shows.

The remarks from an industry watcher I heard from yesterday summed up the turn around in the TV media after the call:

Before conference call: Idiot network! Canceling the best show on TV!  I thought FX was about risk taking!

After conference call: (which didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know and was merely a “virtual hugging it out”)  FX/Landgraf is da bomb!

Nothing changed but perception. That, ladies and gentlemen, is PR genius.

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