If you’re a Terriers fan, when you’re sending your annual letters to the North Pole, you might want to ask Santa to give you a Terriers renewal.  You probably actually have to believe in Santa Claus to think Terriers has any shot at renewal, and I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

I’m sure FX chief honcho John Landgraf is a nice enough guy.  He seems very happy in the picture above with his lovely wife Ally Walker, who Sons of Anarchy fans should  immediately recognize.  But I’m not getting a Santa Claus vibe from him.

Critics and the TV digerati can (and definitely are) burning a lot of words on how wonderful Terriers is. I enjoy it too, but sadly, it’s the ability to make money on advertising during the show, and not what the critics think that matters.

Tim Goodman wrote a thought provoking piece that concludes even with the naming issues and using the dog-theme to promote the show, ultimately Terriers simply doesn’t fit on FX because it’s all Zen and no ass-kicking.   Even Santa Claus is nodding his head in agreement.

The ratings,  they stunk like a skunk.    It’s one thing to suggest, only half in jest, that Terriers change its name for the last two episodes of the season.  There was little to lose by trying something like that because hardly anyone was watching anyway.  But it’s another thing to suggest FX renew it for a second season and rename it and/or promote it differently — because what if they do that and the ratings still stink?

Not even Santa Claus would think FX naughty for canceling Terriers.

Cue the “Shawn Ryan should create an awesome role for Ally Walker in season two and then maybe, possibly, perhaps John Landgraf will don his Santa cap” comments.

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