The new broadcast television season is barely 3 nights old, and already there’s a new excuse we’ll need to build into the next version of our Fan Excuse Bingo Cards.

Our friend Brian Stelter at the NY Times reports that,  “It turns out that the search tools on some DVRs cannot find the new show, “$#*! My Dad Says,” because the symbols cannot be read.


Brian’s article also notes that CBS is now including projections of Live+7 day DVR viewing in some of its ratings press releases. They know by the time the actual Live+7 day ratings are available (2-3 weeks after a show airs) they’ve lost almost all their PR value.

Too bad those Live+7 ratings mean almost nothing to the networks ad revenues. They’re paid on C+3 commercial ratings which measure commercial viewing within 3 days of airdate. While we don’t see those C+3 ratings on a regular basis, when we have they’ve been very close to the Live+Same Day ratings we (and every body else) report every day.

But for PR, bigger numbers are better!

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