10/6 Update: So much for patience, Deadline got completely played by NBC’s Bob Greenblatt who waited 4 days after their “patience” piece to cancel The Playboy Club and 6 days to cancel Free Agents.

Those who had either The Playboy Club or Free Agents in our first show to be canceled poll were dealt a blow when NBC’s Bob Greenblatt said he wouldn’t be pulling them from the line up in the next week.  (Considering last night’s plunge, and assuming we can take Greenblatt at his word, my money’s now on Charlie’s Angels as the first to go.)

He “wants to give all freshmen more time to send a message to the creative community that he will give their shows on NBC every possible chance to succeed”. Perhaps he also wants to assist those fans playing Fan Excuse Bingo.

He’s mentioned as having come from the cable world where shows are given an entire season to “find their footing”. But in the cable world, you don’t have an entire primetime filled with expensive original shows that a single loser can sink. On the second Monday & Wednesday of the broadcast season, NBC was beaten by Univision among adults 18-49. Thanks TPC and FA! In the cable world there are so many competitors that those kinds of night to night competitive comparisons are rare. And while it’s hardly news after last season’s 10pm problems, NBC Monday’s at 10pm, still not beating The Jay Leno Show. (fweeeet! Gunsmoke Rule violation!)

Mr. Greenblatt is trying to get a bit of Hollywood PR mileage out of a bad ratings situation, and he’s likely just without any good alternatives immediately (although Brian Williams’ news magazine is coming!).

It will be interesting to see how many dreadful Tuesday and Thursday mornings (after the previous night’s ratings) until his patience is at an end.

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