I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but I’d chalk that up to general apathy and sloth as much as anything else.  But I was delighted – absolutely freaking delighted – to see Jersey Shore’s season three premiere crushed it in the ratings.  The Jersey Shore ratings are my favorite TV ratings schadenfreude.  I know JS’s ratings success boils the blood of many elitist snobs and disgruntled fans of little-watched scripted shows.  I don’t get it.  It’s not like Fox canceled the Good Guys or Syfy canceled Caprica because of Snooki!

I don’t try to understand why people like to watch Jersey Shore or any other show.  I just accept that they do.  What I’ve never grasped is the concept of hating — and with a passion —  shows that other people enjoy.  Even though I don’t care about Jersey Shore, its success annoys so many that when I see the huge numbers, I confess that I think:  “haha, suck it, haters!

Some can’t handle that it’s not just lazy and stupid people who are watching Jersey Shore.  But it isn’t.  Like it or not, it is a cultural phenomenon and a waxing one at that.   With a 4.2 adults 18-49 rating and over 8.4 million viewers for the season 3 premiere, could  it get to a 5.0 adults 18-49 rating and 10 million viewers by the end of the season?  I wouldn’t be quick to bet against Jersey Shore.

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