Bill and I are very excited to announce we’re partnering with Zap2it.  We think it’s a great complimentary fit.

Our site and its content will  still look, feel and work the same way.  You’ll still see all of our regular content, published on the regular schedule and published by the same people (you’re stuck with me and Bill).    You will notice some Zap2it branding on our site and the way we handle our ads will change a bit.  You might also notice that our URL is changing to, though you don’t need to change any of your bookmarks, the old addresses will automatically forward to the new one.

We hope to have a more formal joint announcement soon,  but we wanted to alert you to the changes.

In the near future we’re looking forward to integrating some of Zap2it’s great content into TV by the Numbers, e.g. you’ll  soon be able to access TV listings and hopefully other great Zap2it content directly from our site.  Stay tuned.

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