It’s not exactly news that critics love FX’s Lights Out but with the premiere only a few days away (1/11/11!) the sea of reviews is going to be loosed upon us.

I’ve seen five episodes of Lights Out and I really liked it a lot with an option to love it in the future.  The reason I watched the first five episodes is because my friend April MacIntyre at Monsters & Critics said “you have to watch this!”   But  “OK, I’ll give it a look once it starts” wasn’t good enough.  She was more in a  “NO,  it’s  so good you have to watch it NOW!”  space.  (Update: here’s April’s preview of ‘Lights Out’).

Stupid headlines aside, I don’t believe in curses, and quite often when the critics love something everyone else loves it too.  I’m  guessing  that will be much more the case for Lights Out than it was for Terriers.  Viewers won’t have any trouble diving right in, and this is the type of show that could pick up some  ratings steam after the premiere as word of mouth spreads.

I’m not bugging FX for the rest of season one (which has already wrapped production) because I want to watch the remaining episodes as God intended, in crystal clear high definition.  The only reason I’m not heaping the “OMG, I LOVE THIS SHOW” praise on Lights Out yet is a.) I want to see a little more of it,  and b.) there was one storyline that I found pretty annoying by the fifth episode.  But that could iron itself out and it wasn’t so annoying that I’m not very much looking forward to the sixth episode.

For those wanting a critic’s take, read Alan Sepinwall’s review.  I agree with Sepinwall down the line.  He wasn’t as annoyed with the one storyline as much as I was, but I’ll concede I’m more easily annoyed than average.

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