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That sound you heard immediately after the cheers for Landon Donovan’s extra time goal against Algeria subsided were the afterburners on the US media’s World Cup bandwagon kicking in.

Soccer finally making a move in America? You haven’t heard anything yet. (assuming you can hear anything at all after the vuvuzelas).

The next World Cup match for the USA will be (2:30pm Eastern time Saturday on ABC and Univision) against Ghana. the second place finisher in Group D (although for US ratings, I doubt the opponent matters much).

How high can the US ratings go?

After my pitifully bad guess of just 11 million average viewers for the opening USA v. England match (which averaged ~13 million on ABC, and 4 million on Univision) I shouldn’t need to warn everyone that my guesses should be disregarded entirely (or perhaps used as a contra-indicator).

I’ll make my guess a 22 million viewer average for the “match window” (as opposed to the entire telecast including pregame).

Note that a guess in the top group (>28 million) would put it above the NBA Finals Game 7 last week.

Update: Here’s the Univision call on Landon Donovan’s goal to beat Algeria and put the USA through to the knockout round. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLL!

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