Friday the 13th was a bad day for the Visitors, and unsurprisingly, sophomore drama V has been cancelled by ABC.

After premiering to strong ratings in the Fall of 2009 its ratings declined during the Fall, and fell substantially in the Spring after a mid-season hiatus.

Returning in January 2011, the show’s ratings stayed in the 1.7-2.1 adults 18-49 ratings range, neither trending decisively up or down.

ABC also canceled Brothers & Sisters.  Based on ratings this also shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, but some people (:coughROBERTcough:) were caught up in the where there’s smoke about another season, there must be fire nonsense.  Apparently the actors and producers weren’t into a shortened season on a reduced budget.

Update 1: Mr. Sunshine also canceled.  Also in the completely unsurprising department Off the Map, No Ordinary Family and Detroit 1-8-7 were canceled too.

Update 2: ‘Better With You’ Cancelled By ABC

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