I’ve noted plenty of times that the “Save Our Show” polls spun up by entertainment sites to generate traffic have no effect on any network decisions, and may give fans the false hope that they’re actually doing something to help their show.

If the entertainment sites can spread false hope, keeping the balance of the universe* demands we do otherwise!

In the 2nd Annual** TV by the Numbers “Don’t Save Their Show!” Poll you get to vote on which shows the TV networks should cancel!

There’s only 22 hours in a broadcast primetime schedule (or 15, or 10), so every one of their shows that gets cancelled means more of a chance for your shows to get renewed.

Included in the poll is every show (in random order) that either the Renew / Cancel Index or Bubble Watch has pegged as anything but renewed, cancelled, certain to be renewed or certain to be cancelled.

Vote for as many shows as you’d like, as many times as you’d like!

I promise that the decisionmakers at all the networks will give as much weight to your votes as they do to the ones in all those silly “Save Our Show” polls: None!

*Not to mention generating traffic for us.

**Unfortunately the results of our First Annual Don’t Save Their Show Poll were lost to posterity when we changed polling software in the last year. No matter, the results were meaningless, just like these!

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