I had a post earlier on why so many new shows were being introduced next Fall, but we’ve yet to poll our readership and see what show’s they’re most looking forward to.

I really don’t have any shows in particular I’ve identified I’m interested in watching myself yet. I tend to decide much closer to the premieres, but I’m sure many of our readers are already making up their minds.

As for what shows will turn out to be particularly good for our business here at TVBTN, at this point I’m going to guess Terra Nova and Grimm. Terra Nova seems likely to generate a lot of interest, and if it falters, a lot of fan activity. Grimm seems positioned to be a bubble show from the get go, and the subject matter has “crazy fan” written all over it.

However our guesses as to what will be good business for the site are far from perfect. Robert and I both figured No Ordinary Family would go bubble early and drive lots of crazy fan traffic. The show’s ratings cooperated, but the traffic did not materialze.

On the other hand, the Fringe fan traffic was surprising because it wasn’t a new show, and hadn’t driven particularly large traffic in past years, but once it got into ratings hot water, our traffic went nuts.

The poll below has all the new broadcast primetime shows currently scheduled for Fall 2011.

What are you looking forward to? (vote for as many as you want)

And while this caveat shouldn’t be necessary, of course the results, like any internet poll, are entirely meaningless.

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