A month ago when I asked the question “If NBC Can Get A 1.8 Rating With A Matt Lauer Interview, Why Do They Need ‘Chuck’?” many commenters scoffed. “[U]nless matt interviews a controversial president/ex president every week. the ratings would hardly hold” was the general tone of many responses.

Tonight’s the season premiere of NBC’s The Sing Off, from 8-10pm (Eastern). And unlike interviews with Ex-Presidents, The Sing Off (or its ilk) is easily cloned.

Broadcast competition comparisons with recent weeks will be uneven, CBS is all new tonight after being in repeats last week. Instead of its regular line up, Fox has The American Country Awards. ABC has the ratings disaster Skating with the Stars for 90 minutes like last week. The CW has its regular line up. The Pats/Jets Monday Night Football matchup is likely far more ratings attractive than last week’s 49ers/Cardinals, but I assume the rest of the cable competition is similar.

What will the ratings for tonight’s The Sing Off tell us about the future of Chuck (and The Event, but nobody seems to care much about The Event)?

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