This year’s broadcast primetime cancellations are now old news, yet that doesn’t stop crazy fans everywhere from spinning up all sorts of quixotic “Save Our Show” efforts. Sadly, I noted recently that social media seems to be making the efforts lazy, and boring.

I hear about countless efforts via email, Twitter and our comments spam filter, but none has really caught my attention.

However wide my attention spreads though, I’m certain that our readership’s is far wider.

Just the thing for the sleep start of the summer broadcast season, what’s the craziest effort you’ve heard of?  The biggest rumor? The nuttiest stunt? The biggest waste of money?

I’ll start with the biggest rumor I’ve heard, and the debunking of it.

It was reported about 10 days ago that after The Event was cancelled, that “talks were underway to continue the show elsewhere” specifically mentioning Netflix.

What we heard: The only people behind “The Event moves to Netflix” were people behind “The Event” and that Netflix wasn’t at all interested and continues to say they’re committed to original series. There was also talk about moving “Event” to SyFy, but SyFy doesn’t seem interested either.

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