An e-mailer asks if I could pick only one of the two of White Collar or Covert Affairs, which would it be. That’s a far more interesting question for the likes of @TedonTV to answer. That’s a game we’re pretty sure he won’t play though, at least publicly.

I don’t much love making such picks either, but it’s a slow day with some Nielsen delays and not much is going on today (tomorrow several series return or debut, but tomorrow is another day!).

Of the two, White Collar definitely gets the nod from me.  The truth is even if I actually liked Covert Affairs better (and I’m not saying that I do), I’d still give White Collar the nod. It’s petty, but I cannot forgive Covert Affairs for horribly (horribly, horribly!) underusing Anne Dudek. It’s so bad that I root for her character to either get killed off so she can go on to a better role, or for her character to secretly be some kind of double-agent-y spy herself who is out to get her own sister. That’s probably too dark for USA…

White Collar it is.  How about you? With apologies to Ted Linhart, there’s no “both” option.





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