Even though Detroit 1-8-7 still has six new episodes left to air over the 10 weeks before it gets taken off the schedule (certainly never to return) on March 29 when Body of Proof premieres, might its recent woeful ratings (prelminary 1.1 adults 18-49 last night, a 1.2 rating last week) cause ABC to pull it off the schedule early?

  • ABC pulled both My Generation and The Whole Truth off the air earlier this season after each hit a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.
  • And even though Detroit 1-8-7 got an additional order of 6 episodes this season, NBC’s Chase also got an order for additional episodes which was later reduced. The order for more episodes is no guarantee they’ll actually air.
  • Last season, the poorly rated the forgotten, got an additional episode order, and was pulled after March 9 with two episodes left to air.

The February sweeps period (2/3/11-3/2/11)  approaches. Will ABC want to saddle its affiliates with those terrible ratings at 10pm? I have a feeling that like The Whole Truth (and the forgotten), Detroit 1-8-7 might suddenly disappear in favor of repeats or Primetime specials during sweeps.

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