Sunday night brings both the season finales of HBO’s Game of Thrones at 9p ET  and AMC’s The Killing at 10p and the two-hour series premiere of TNT’s Falling Skies from 9-11p.

I thought I would enjoy The Killing more, but it has piled up on the DVR and the chances of a catch-up marathon before Sunday’s season finale are slim. Apparently in the most recent couple of episodes it has gotten really, really good after a few poor episodes. I think I watched the first five or six episodes and I didn’t really hate them, but I didn’t love them either and never went back to it.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy Game of Thrones that much, but I was wrong! I’ve really enjoyed it and Tyrion Lannister is one of the most memorable TV characters I’ve encountered in a while. With only 10 episodes, the end of the first season came quickly.

But with The Killing recently renewed for a second season, and Game of Thrones long since renewed for a second season, the far more interesting ratings story is the premiere of Falling Skies. Expectations are big as this is yet another project with Steven Spielberg’s name attached to it. It does not appear that the aliens in Falling Skies are of the cuddly, phoning home, Reese’s pieces eating variety.

As a member in good standing of the Moon Bloodgood fan club, I root for Falling Skies on general principles. I’ve had the screener for months but never watched it, preferring to wait for all the special effects to be finished, plus view it in HD soI am looking forward to both the premiere of Falling Skies and the season finale of Game of Thrones, and I’ll catch up on The Killing soon.

The poll is already a bit complicated (you can choose multiple answers, and out of curiosity I allowed write ins, but that may be short lived!), but I suppose the real question is which will you watch first. I’d tell you that I’m sworn to say Falling Skies to satisfy my membership in the Moon Bloodgood fan club, but Game of Thrones will win out because it will be available to me in HD earlier than Falling Skies will.

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