When I posted the press release earlier announcing the long expected deal between ABC and Katie Couric to debut a nationally syndicated show in September, 2012 I admit to not having read it very carefully (I blame having to scan a squinty jillion TV press releases over a season).

After reading a few of our readers comments, and understanding the situation a bit better, I am left wondering what “continues to support General Hospitalin that release really means.

Here are the facts as they exist today:

  • ABC will be putting Katie Couric’s talk show in the 3pm timeslot in its eight owned and operated (O&O) stations.
  • Those eight ABC O&O stations cover about 23% of US TV households.
  • Currently, General Hospital airs at 3pm in the Eastern time zone and 2pm in the Central & Pacific timezones.
  • ABC currently controls the 3pm hour at its non-O&O network affiliate stations, but will return control over that hour to its network affiliates in the Fall of 2012.

Considering that set of facts, what does ABC’s “support” of General Hospital mean to you?

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