To paraphrase TV critic (and president of the Television Critics Association) Susan Young,  CBS and Warner Bros were OK if Charlie Sheen attacked his wife or binged on drugs and alcohol, but talking trash about the boss in public was more than they could tolerate.

With production on Two and a Half Men shut down for the remainder of the season, all eyes turn towards next season and whether the show will be canceled for good.

Charlie Sheen might  be (ok, is) high, but so are the stakes for everyone involved.  All you need to do is look at the ratings for originals, repeats and syndication to know that Two and a Half Men literally prints money.

With so much at stake, even after today’s news, it’s hard to imagine Two and a Half Men won’t be back for next season.  It was probably too late to write Sheen out of episodes for this season, but even if Sheen doesn’t come back, they could take a shot at it without him next season.  Warner Bros would surely have to renegotiate with CBS in that event, but I’d guess both sides would be open to that discussion.

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