We’ve switched web hosting providers.  We couldn’t take it anymore.  Our plan was to try to make it through the upfronts without too much trouble and then switch sometime over the summer.  If our new host doesn’t work out, we may yet switch in the summer, but we’re hopeful.  And we’re very sorry!!

We’re really sorry about the down time, and and due to DNS proliferation, it might take a few days for everyone to make it back.

For anyone already making their way here, I know we missed out on a lot of CHUCK scoop today, on the 10th glorious day of CHUCK, but it was a long day and I just want to watch the LOST finale and recover from staring at database files.

Update from Bill: Folks, Robert performed the proverbial server labors of Hercules yesterday. I left him with a new hosting account in the middle of the afternoon and we now have a functioning site with all our old data. Chuck would be proud.

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