ABC and CBS will join NBC in airing Woods’ statement live at 11a ET on Friday.

I got an e-mail that read “NBC won’t show all Olympics events live, but will show Tiger Woods’ statement live. WTF?”  It then went on to rage about NBC’s tape delay practice.

Though I’ll admit that I’d prefer to see the events live, especially since I’m in a situation where I’d be able to watch them live, at this point I’m more annoyed by all the whining about the tape delays than the actual tape delays.

Here’s one thing you can bet on: if ABC and CBS were also showing the Olympics, NBC would definitely be showing them live.  But then NBC wouldn’t have paid $820 million for the rights to the games it says it will lose $250 million on.

I’m not really thrilled by all the Tiger coverage and the only thing  I reallywant to know is when he is coming back.  But I doubt I’ll be able to resist watching his statement.  I might even embed the live streaming from Hulu into a blog post.

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