There was a lot going on today, for a Sunday!  Fortunately it’s not like this every Sunday.

Multiple sources earlier in the day reported that The Unusuals was canceled.  There was so much going on already, it was seeming like overkill to post on it,  plus, constant mainstream media salivating all over a story simply  because the news first broke on Twitter (which was the case with The Unusuals) is starting to get annoying.

We’d posted one speculative Fox schedule today, and now USA Today has a slightly different one.  We’ll have the real deal on Monday, so the wait won’t be long.

In addition to stuff we’d already heard today (like it’s not looking good for CBS’ Without a Trace), The LA Times Show Tracker blog is reporting that CW doesn’t seem likely to pick up Privileged.   Look for a big TOLDJA! from Bill G. regarding Privileged later in the week.  Privileged not getting renewed probably isn’t going to offset headlines like “Better Off Ted, Dead” and “Dollhouse Foreclosed,” (or, to use one of mine, “Say Goodbye to Dollhouse“),  but I have a feeling a Privileged renewal would sting even more.  At least for Bill.

People will take us to task for some of our misses.  And that’s fair, but really, it looks like the index is holding up very well as a predictive tool, particularly for hour long scripted shows excluding Dollhouse.  Our expectations for Friday were lower, but…

The sticking point for the index so far  mostly seems to be with marginal or low performing 30 minute sitcoms, particularly on ABC and Fox.   It does seem that the decisions that couldn’t be predicted exclusively based on ratings whether sitcoms or Dollhouse are a  flight to lower cost and/or higher benefit, rather than specifically ratings and the advertising dollars they equate to. Unfortunately for us, outside of the ratings data, hard data on costs and revenues are not easy to come by.  While it would be nice if things like “syndication revenue” could be baked into the index, it’s much easier said than done.

I’m sure Bill will be writing about the index’s hits and misses once all the announcements have been made.

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