It’s good news (for me), bad news (for NBC): Since its numbers are down and its new and returning shows are mainly DOA (Southland was axed before new episodes even aired!), Chuck’s third season might get to premiere sooner than the March date that’s been bandied about thus far.

“How much sooner” you ask?

As early as late October, my moles tell me. And while it remains unclear whether the little show that could (and has and shall again) would return to its Monday timeslot or find itself a new perch, NBC insiders who’ve seen the first four episodes are calling this season the best yet.

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I am a fan of the show and I would not find this good news for the show.

Let NBC wait and at least try to get its sea legs, and if not, fine, wait until after the Olympics anyway.   As a fan, you certainly don’t want to see Chuck come back on Friday nights to take Southland’s spot.  So, that’s out.

Do you really want it taking Trauma’s spot? on Monday or get slotted back at 8pm and bump Heroes to 9 (just like last year, I could sort of see them doing this), but do you want to face House?  No, no you don’t.

I know some of you want it Thursdays at 8pm, but that’s not going to happen.  So Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are out.  That leaves you Monday and Wednesday.

Of the two, I’d take Wednesday, of course, but as a fan, I’d rather wait until after the Olympics.

As a web publisher, the end of October would be just swell though! 🙂

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