Interesting that I’d see BBC TV ratings for the Wimbledon men’s final before US ratings, but they’re impressive.

The BBC won another ratings ace as its coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament men’s single victory won a peak audience of more than 11 million viewers.

The marathon match between Swiss player Roger Federer, who claimed his sixth Wimbledon victory, and the U.S.’s Andy Roddick, attracted an average audience of 7.5 million viewers, a 50% share.

The match was played out over almost four and a half hours on the afternoon and evening of July 5.

As the action reached a climax, 11.1 million (a 55.9% share) tuned in for the final 15 minutes.

Overall coverage of the men’s final averaged 7.1 million viewers, which translates to a 49% share.

via Variety.

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