A few weeks ago I asked our readers to guess what would be the Renew / Cancel Index’s biggest prediction goof of the season. (results below)

Harry’s Law led by a small margin in the poll over having a likely or certain renewal predicted show get cancelled. We know what happened to Harry’s Law, and no show predicted as likely or certain renewal was canceled.

With all the broadcast renewal and cancellation results in for scripted shows (except for final word on Rules Of Engagement, which wouldn’t be a big miss regardless of what happens), the renewal of Body of Proof was clearly the biggest miss among my predictions this season.

Body of Proof didn’t run very fast, but it was faster than all the canceled ABC shows, which earned it another season instead of being a meal of the cancellation bear.

How did Body Of Proof get renewed with such low ratings relative to the rest of ABC’s scripted shows? Not clear to me yet, but if I can figure it out, I’ll incorporate that into future year’s prediction methods.

Note to whiny/crazy Fringe fans, I had the show predicted as a “toss up” all season. Sure, no guts, no glory, but apparently all the whining from crazy fans!

Note that Robert’s Bubble Watch predictions were similar, but not exactly the same, this was just covering my predictions.

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