The results show finale where worldwide Internet celebrity and YouTube star Susan Boyle was edged out by dance group “Diversity” on Britain’s Got Talent averaged 17.3 million and 19.2 million at its peak according to

ITV said nearly three-quarters of the television audience (72 per cent) watched dance group Diversity being crowned the winners of the live final on ITV1 on Saturday night.

It is thought to be the most watched programme, other than major sports events, since 19.4million watched Coronation Street in 2003 when mass murderer Richard Hillman drowned after killing several characters in the long-running ITV1 soap.

The average audience for the Britain’s Got Talent final was 17.3 million viewers compared to an average of 13.1 million viewers for last year’s final, which was won by break-dancer George Sampson.

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The 72% share is most impressive.  By comparison, although the American Idol finale averaged many more viewers (more than 11 million more) there are a lot more people in the United States than in the United Kingdom and American Idol only averaged a 27% share of the television viewing audience.  But outside of major events such as the Super Bowl, that’s a larger share by far than most programs.  The Dancing With the Stars finale  had a 20% share.  The Grey’s Anatomy season finale had an 18% share and the LOST season finale had a 9% share.

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