In the absolutely no surprise at all department, the average audience of the big four broadcast networks keeps getting older.   While this is hardly a surprise, for the broadcast networks not named FOX (or the CW) it probably feels like the light at the end of the tunnel must be a train.

Steve Sternberg issued a report on the median ages of broadcast primetime regular series and found that last year the average age for CBS rose to 55, ABC to 51, NBC to 49 and FOX to 44 (CW was 33).

The average age at FOX stayed steady versus the previous year while it went up a year everywhere else but the CW, and up 2 years at NBC.

The oldest skewing shows were, also not surprisingly,  The Good Wife (58), Dancing With the Stars (57), and NCIS (57).  Glee (38) and FOX’s animated comedies were the youngest skewing.

James Hibberd has more details.

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