Last week was historically bad among adults 18-49 for the broadcast TV networks.

How bad is network* television getting already this summer?

The answer: the worst it has ever been, at least among those younger viewers three of the four networks are always saying they are most avid to reach. Last week, the networks performed abysmally across the board among viewers ages 18 to 49, posting their lowest combined rating in that category ever.

As bad as the total number was, ABC won the most dubious achievement award. ABC’s 18-to-49 rating of 1.1 was the worst performance ever for that network.

Lots more tales of woe where that came from at the

*It is a bit confusing when the NYT refers to “broadcast network television” as simply “network television”, as if “cable network television” was some sort of oxymoron. In fact, what the NYT is really referring to by “network television” here is “big English language broadcast network television”, but I’m a quibbler!

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