OK, it probably doesn’t have a lot of ratings focus, but given my biases, it is the ratings and renew/cancel focus that jump out at me.

First there was a discussion on Flashpoint.  Then a discussion about how CBS is going to give Laurence Fishburne a fashion makeover in hopes of improving the ratings for CSI.

Then Julianna Margulies on commented on the changes to the ratings world  since her glory days on a hit show.   “On ER we would get a 44 share, I don’t know what a hit is now. A nine?”

Not that she asked me, but I’d say a hit now is a 10-12  share in the 18-49 demo a la Grey’s Anatomy, with mega-hit status in the ~20 share range that American Idol pulls off.  That said, if her new show The Good Wife pulls a 9 share, you can pretty much count on renewal.

The most fun part of the session though seems to be Nina Tassler’s verbal smackdown of Ben Silverman.

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